Root Canals

The following are the most common factors contributing to a need for root canal treatment:

• Traumas, such as a physical blow to a tooth

• Physical irritation caused by a deep decay or a very large filling

• Severe gum disease

root canal xray    Root Canal Xray

Regardless of the initial cause, the tooth pulp becomes irritated and infected. Bacteria grows within the tooth pulp, causing pressure and if a cavity forms and is allowed to go untreated for too long, it can penetrate to the root pulp where and infection can occur pain, sometimes accompanied by swelling of the face. Sometimes the deterioration of the pulp happens so gradually that little pain is felt. Regardless of the amount of pain felt, eventually the bacteria can destroy the pulp. As this happens, the bone surrounding the tooth may become infected and abscessed, which may lead to the destruction of the bone surrounding the tooth

This Picture depicts the dental file cleaning out the diseased nerve(left) and the restored tooth after the root canal is completed with canals filled and crown on top.

Heres a video of  a root canal procedure